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A Tax Tip for Small Business Owners

A Tax Tip for Small Business Owners

When it’s time for taxes, you may be tempted as a small business owner to try and handle the paperwork yourself. Mike Walton, director of business development at regional accounting firm Brown Edwards, says that may not be the wisest move. “The tax system is getting more and more complex,” he explains, “and depending on the size and type of your business, you may really need some outside expertise to help you get your taxes done right.”

A good CPA can save you from lost time, missed opportunities, and a big headache come tax season. The best thing you can do for your business (and your peace of mind) is to hire an accounting firm with a good reputation to take care of your taxes and bookkeeping.

Brown Edwards employs the finest tax experts in Tennessee to help business owners like you get the most benefits and avoid being audited. In addition, Brown Edwards provides high-level consulting services, working closely with clients and focusing on their success to deliver a standout experience. “There’s a lot of value layered in our definition of the relationship between client and CPA,” Walton says. “Many of our clients won’t make a move without consulting with us first—that’s the kind of relationship we’ve built with them.”

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