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Flower Power

Got a room in your house that feels drab or outdated? You don’t have to remodel or redecorate—just buy a bouquet! Flowers are a simple, inexpensive way to instantly brighten up a room, and some kinds of flowers give you more bang for your buck. “You can always get carnations, but I’d probably go with roses, lilies, or daisies. Rather than muted colors or pastels, choose really vibrant colors like deep violet, bright orange, intense gold, or vivid pink,” suggests Walt Engel, owner of Broyles Florist in Johnson City. “We carry almost every color, and if we don’t have...

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Out and About

Washington County has something for everyone all year long! The area is home to activities that span over every category; from hiking and camping to history and sporting events, Johnson City has it all. Washington County hosts travelers from all sides of the country who come to see all of the incredible features and events the area has to offer. The region, nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, provides the perfect environment for hiking, biking, kayaking, camping, and much more. The great outdoors is not the only thing the region has to offer, however. The many festivals, unique eateries, cultural...

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Community Culture

Arts and culture are vibrant parts of the Johnson City and regional communities providing rich opportunities for personal enjoyment, educational experiences, tourism, economic growth, and employment. The arts help improve our personal well-being and bring identity and unity to the community. Historically, this region is known for craft production (fiber art, pottery, and furniture making, to name a few), music (traditional and contemporary), and other performances such as storytelling and theatrical productions. Today, the visual, performing, literary, and media arts of the region often rely upon historical precedents while looking forward to innovative endeavors and the future. Johnson City...

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Degree Trends

Now more than ever, postsecondary education is becoming a necessity for young people in America. More than 21 million students attended colleges and universities in 2016, meaning that more people attended college in 2016 than ever have before. Washington County holds some of the best colleges in the state, each with a variety of majors and minors to choose from. While there are many options to choose from at any university, the most popular college majors are: Business Administration & Management Nursing Liberal Arts and General Studies General Psychology General Biology Criminal Justice Accounting Education Communications English ETSU offers...

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A Great Place to Learn

The strength of the schools in the Johnson City and Washington County area is one of the many reasons why these school systems receive high grades for providing a good education. Both school systems rank competitively in terms of graduation rates, advanced level classes, college preparation, and workforce preparation programs. The Washington County and Johnson City school systems are some of the best in the state, with students continuously receiving exemplary marks and grades during both state and federal testing. There are many educational opportunities for all, including public and private school options as well as advanced education institutions....

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