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Degree Trends

Degree Trends

Now more than ever, postsecondary education is becoming a necessity for young people in America. More than 21 million students attended colleges and universities in 2016, meaning that more people attended college in 2016 than ever have before. Washington County holds some of the best colleges in the state, each with a variety of majors and minors to choose from. While there are many options to choose from at any university, the most popular college majors are:

  • Business Administration & Management
  • Nursing
  • Liberal Arts and General Studies
  • General Psychology
  • General Biology
  • Criminal Justice
  • Accounting
  • Education
  • Communications
  • English

ETSU offers the country’s only storytelling major, as well as a variety of unique regional minors such as bluegrass music and Appalachian studies.

No matter which major or area of study interests you, whether it’s one of the most popular areas of study or something a little different, Washington County has a college that is right for you. Each college in the region has its own unique history and atmosphere, making every school unique in its own way.


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