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Johnson City Burgers

Johnson City Burgers

Few food items are as beloved, ubiquitous, and versatile as the hamburger. Whether you’re loading them up with cheese and bacon, classing them up with premium beef and artisanal buns, grabbing a greasy-yet-satisfying one from a fast food joint, or even going an alternative route with a veggie or salmon burger, everyone loves this American staple. Johnson City is home to a few burger joints that will satisfy your craving, whatever it may be. Here are a few that Johnson City locals love:

Burger Bar

“Where Burgers Rule!” is this restaurant’s motto, and grabbing a meal here will show you why. Burger Bar’s burgers are Certified Hereford Beef, locally sourced through rancher owned farms in Tennessee and Kentucky. All natural with no artificial ingredients, the burgers here are customizable in 2000 different ways. First, you choose your burger meat, which ranges from classic beef to turkey to portabella mushroom patties. You follow that by choosing your cheese, toppings, sauce, and even your bun. The menu is absolutely enormous and must be seen to be believed. Burger Bar is a must-visit for any burger lover.

Buc Deli Drive Thru

Something of a Johnson City institution, the Buc Deli Drive Thru is fast, inexpensive, and above all, delicious. Offering a wide variety of foods to go, Buc’s is particularly well-known for their breakfast offerings and, of course, their burgers. Hamburgers are just a few dollars but will satisfy that craving for a classic, all-American drive through burger experience. When you can get a 32 oz. iced tea, a classic hamburger, and a side order of onion rings for just a few bucks, it’s hard to go wrong!

Cootie Brown’s

Cootie Brown’s is a locally owned restaurant offering a fun atmosphere and eclectic menu, and the burger section is no exception. Offering everything from turkey burger sliders to a goat cheese burger and even a salmon burger, there is something for every type of burger lover here. Nearly everything here is made in-house, including their sauces, spices, desserts, pestos, and more. Cootie Brown’s proved so popular with Johnson City locals, a second location was recently opened in Bristol, so if you find yourself in either location, be sure and stop by.

Mid City Grill

Without question, this is THE place in Johnson City for your midnight cravings. Opening at 5 pm and staying open until 4 or 5 in the morning, Mid City Grill has some absolutely delicious, satisfying offerings, including a huge burger menu. Boasting such creations as “The Big Daddie,” “The Beckinator,” and “The Mid City Unburger,” a spinach and black bean patty topped with vegan cheese and served on a toasted pita. Bring your appetite and swing by Mid City Grill in the dead of night for a unique, and uniquely satisfying, dining experience.

If reading this hasn’t made you hungry, then this post hasn’t done its job. Go out there and find your favorite Johnson City burger tonight!