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National Storytelling Festival / Storytelling Live!

National Storytelling Festival / Storytelling Live!

Every October, more than 10,000 people gather in tents in the town square of historic downtown Jonesborough to hear folktales, cultural legends, and personal stories told by acclaimed storytellers of both national and international renown at the National Storytelling Festival. The attendees, like the storytellers, hail from all across the country and all across the globe, representing a diverse spectrum of backgrounds and ethnicities all united by a common love of good stories. This year will be the three-day festival’s 45th anniversary. Jonesborough is both the birthplace of the National Storytelling Festival and the home of the International Storytelling Center, where the art of storytelling is practiced and showcased from May to November through Storytelling Live!, a phenomenal series that features a lineup of 26 nationally-lauded storytellers with a different storyteller delivering live matinee performances at the Center each week. For more information about the National Storytelling Festival or Storytelling Live!, visit the International Storytelling Center’s website at

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