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We Are Just Right for… Fitness Enthusiasts

We Are Just Right for… Fitness Enthusiasts

Fitness isn’t an all-or-nothing endeavor. Every little bit helps, and while it’s certainly commendable to challenge yourself, it’s also perfectly acceptable to do just enough to keep your body and your mind in good working order. No matter what your goals and motivations are, you’ll find exactly what you need to lead a healthy, active lifestyle here in Johnson City—whether that means winning the race or just crossing the finish line.

Working out with a buddy gives you the advantages of moral support and accountability, while working out with an instructor or a personal trainer helps you improve your technique to maximize your results. To reap the benefits of both, sign up for a group class at one of Johnson City’s many gyms and fitness centers. The Wellness Center is an all-inclusive fitness club that offers state-of-the-art equipment, indoor and outdoor aquatics facilities, and more than 400 group fitness classes each month. Not a people person? Never fear; as a member, you can also schedule classes with a personal trainer so you can work out more effectively on your own.

If you’re looking to limber up (or just calm down), try a group session at Downtown Yoga( Johnson City’s most popular and most affordable yoga studio. First-time clients can get two weeks of unlimited studio access for only $20!

And if you’re really into team sports and having fun, consider signing up for a cornhole, volleyball, or coed kickball league with Tri-Cities Social Sports (, an intramural organization for adults over 21 that prioritizes recreational play and socializing with teammates above winning the game. It’s a great way to have fun, stay active, and make friends all in one go, without the stress of heavy competition.

Is pounding the pavement more your thing? If you’re a lone wolf, feel free to run wild on the trails in any of our area parks, listed above under “Nature Enthusiasts”; just make sure to show courtesy to walkers and other runners. If you prefer to run in a pack, check out the Johnson City Run Club ( or the Tri-Cities Turtles Run Club on Facebook to connect with fellow runners in our area.  Plan on participating in the Annual Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning, with over 4,000 participants, or one of the other run/walks in the area coordinated by Up & At “Em” or The Goose Chase.

Part of getting a good workout is pushing your limits to reach the next level of fitness, but what if you pushed yourself just a little too hard? Self-care is every bit as important to your health as exercise, but it tends to get neglected when you’re striving towards a goal. Visit Soleus Massage ( as a treat to ease sore muscles, or make an appointment with one of our excellent area chiropractors to work out those kinks in your back and neck. See the membership directory at the back of this book for a list of Chamber-member chiropractic clinics.