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What a Difference a Volunteer Makes!

What a Difference a Volunteer Makes!

Area businesses and government agencies aren’t the only organizations working to make Johnson City a great place for everyone; local nonprofits like the United Way are accomplishing great things every day.

According to Jerome Julian, President and CEO of the United Way of Washington County, the 17 human services agencies supported by the United Way together share over $1 million annually to improve the lives of people living here. “This really helps make our community a great place to live,” says Julian. “It also relieves the tax burden on our citizens, as it keeps the government from being called on to take care of every need.”

In addition to funding from generous corporations and personal donations, more than 450 volunteers stepped up to help serve those 17 organizations last year. So what does all that time, money, and effort amount to?

  • 66,639 meals provided to the hungry, totaling $333,195
  • 40,338 hours of care provided for seniors and disabled adults
  • 32,179 snacks and 18,538 dinners provided to schoolchildren during after-school and evening programs
  • 18,275 hours of personal support care provided to homebound clients
  • 9,154 reassurance calls made to area seniors and the homebound
  • 8,500 requests for assistance handled by phone and over the Internet
  • 4,558 at-risk individuals taught to respond and recover from disasters or emergencies
  • 2,101 hours of respite care provided for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • 2,200 patients provided with dental care visits totaling $549,095
  • 1,500 children mentored and cared for
  • 922 people provided with access to positive recreational therapy
  • 300 pairs of shoes provided to children in need
  • 200 families helped to find affordable housing
  • 100 homeless individuals sheltered each day
  • 75 homeless families with children given shelter and assistance

They say the best way to fall in love with someone new is to treat them as if you already love them. If you really want to fall in love with Johnson City, start by volunteering your time and money to make our wonderful community even better!

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